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Once upon a time, a child was born and raised near Valencia, Spain. My name is Victor and I loved spending my summers swimming in the Mediterranean Sea. Water has always been my favorite element.  As a child, I discovered a natural talent for sensing and alleviating pain through touch, leading me on a journey to become a Physical Therapist in 2005. In 2006, a big cruise through the Mediterranean Sea Brought me to my next adventure in Liguria, Italy.
After working for two+ years in Italy in different realms of physical therapy, partly using water as a healing tool for differently-abled children and adults, I decided to take a trip to Mexico to get to know more about this wise land.

During my travels to Central America, I met my life partner and I discovered Watsu, two very important parts of my life now.  I took my first Watsu class in Guatemala on the healing land of Lago Atitlan. Later, my now wife and I traveled to the US in 2009 and found ourselves living just a few miles from Harbin Hot Springs, where Watsu was created in the 1980's.  I took Watsu 1 there, in the heartland of Watsu, and I realized that I was being iniciated into a path of growth that I will journey throughout my life.  

We moved to Spain to welcome our first son, Fénix, and I accompanied my wife, Jessie, through her one weekend a month year long Doula training, taking care of our baby and gaining very useful knowledge from the maternity world.
After over 400 hundred of hours of training, mostly in Spain, I became a Watsu® Professional with the International School of Watsu in 2012. Meanwhile I worked part time as a phisical therapist and aquatic bodyworker at 3hrehab, a residential programme which includes physical therapy, aquatic bodywork, health education and conection with Nature, in my hometown at the beach of the Mediterranean.
International school of Watsu video

 The following year, my family relocated to Portland, Oregon and I started a new career as a preschool teacher. I wasn't able to work legally as a bodyworker at the time, and I developed a new skill set and lots of little friends.  Finally, I founded Aqua4Life in 2016 after completing my Oregon licensure in Massage Therapy.

While I love offering a variety of bodywork techniques such as Deep Tissue, Myofascial Release, Shiatsu, Craniosacral Therapy, Trigger Point Therapy, Maitland Manual Therapy, and Ayurvedic Massage, there is nothing like these amazing healing modalities in warm water.  You don’t have to be a swimmer or a fan of the water to appreciate the full-body embrace of warm water. 

I invite you to try it at least once in your Life, hopefully many more times. You can book online  here.
 We accept MVA's and a few health insurance including: Regence, Moda, Pacific Source, Lifewise, and Washington State. 

Aqua4Life is a service for the Portland community, with the aim of being aacessible to clients at a range of income levels. PLease contact me at aqua4lifepdx@gmail.com for information about sliding scale payment options.

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